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Sweat Arm Pad ( Each Packet has 5 Pair )

Sweat Arm Pad ( Each Packet has 5 Pair )

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Each packet has 5 pair i.e (10pc)

•ULTRA-THIN SWEAT PADS: These underarm sweat pads for men and women are garment liners that act as a sweat shield. These self-adhesive pads are so thin that they can be used for all garments for an invisible feel.

•ABSORBENT: These have super absorbent qualities owing to the composition of the material, which comprises non-woven and dust-free paper. The pads thus lock the sweat effectively to keep it from staining your clothes.

•NO SWEAT STAINS: Sirona sweat pads help lock in excess sweat and save your clothes from yellowish pit stains and fabric colour bleeding, thereby prolonging the life of your clothing. For those who sweat excessively, it’ll surely save you from odour and embarrassment.

•BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The ultra thin and soft texture of the sweat pads is breathable in nature. The pad is also invisible from the outside of your clothes.PORTABLE: Being compact and light-weight, these underarm sweat pads are easy to carry and can be used on the go. Whether it is before a job interview, an important presentation, a family event or your wedding- this is a bag must-have to keep you sweat-patch-free!

•EASY TO USE: Each underarm sweat pad comes with a self adhesive strip so that it can stick to the inside of the clothes without any hassles. Apply it along the seams of the garment and leave on for a while. When done, just peel it off and dispose of it in the trash.

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