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Clothing Tape

Clothing Tape

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1 Packet consist of 36pc  

Invisible: This double-sided tape is designed to hold your clothing securely in place while being non-visible, whether against your skin or undergarments. It's comfortable to wear and completely discreet, so you can feel confident and fabulous all day long. Take control of your fashion with Sanfe Fashion Tape!

• Skin- Friendly: Each strip in the pack is carefully produced with the highest quality adhesive to ensure perfect comfort on your skin. Our hypo-allergenic apparel double stick tape for clothes is perfect for those with sensitive skin; it can be applied directly without causing any rashes or irritation. • Our fabric tape for clothes also ensures that you do not have to deal with any annoying residue on your fabric after removal.

• Fabric Friendly: Our double-sided tape is invisible to everyone but you! It is made to blend seamlessly with the color of your fabric. There are no lumpy marks or lines from using other items, and it leaves no residue on your clothes after removal.
Our adhesive is safer and more discreet than difficult-to-use safety pins!

• Reliable: When it comes to fashion tape, we believe in the power of confidence. Our special designs for women and super moms are made for movement, so you can be comfortable and more confident than ever.

• Breathable: We're forever trying to find the perfect tape, and we believe we finally found it with our Fashion
Tape Made with a premium quality PET adhesive that allows your skin to breathe and has non-irritants, it's strong enough to hold your entire outfit together without pulling or creasing.

•Safe on Skin: As your personal stylist, we want to make sure that our tape is easy to use, comfortable and comes in a wide variety of standard lengths and widths. Our special adhesive is designed to be skin safe and not cause irritation when applied directly to your skin.

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